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  • Rafa García pyramid


    His goal is to continue transmitting emotions through his paintings and generate that dialogue with the viewer he was talking about. But where would Rafa García like to go? "The world of art is a field to explore that presents infinite possibilities, and I am sure that I will end up finding a style of my own in which I am comfortable and able to express myself as I am. I think it is important to focus on exploiting what you have, knowing how to move or simply taking advantage of social networks to make the most of its possibilities. I don't know what I will do in a year, but I will never want to stop learning ”. 

  • Composition III Red, Yellow...


    Piece inspired by the work "Composition III Red, Yellow and Blue" by Piet Mondrian.

    Why these three colors: Red, Yellow and Blue? These colors are basic so that combining them you can create any other color in the rainbow: green, purple, orange, and all the other shades in between. Creating these three basic colors is impossible because they are individual colors, that is why they are called primary colors. In this work the squares containing these colors are full of energy.

    29x29 cm mobile, made of aluminum, iron and methacrylate.

    You can hang it or put it on the base as a standing mobile.

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  • Starry Night


    Piece inspired by the work "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh.

    The oil The Starry Night was painted by artist Vincent van Gogh during his voluntary internment at Saint Paul de Mausole Psychiatric Hospital. The composition shows a sky with two nebulous spirals that embrace each other creating the sensation of movement and fluidity. In the night sky, along with the eleven stars, there is an equally bright yellowish crescent moon, giving the impression of a sun instead of a moon. The church tower and the cypress are the only elements that point towards the sky. They represent nature, to which they cheer.


    Mobile L 40 x 44 cm, made of aluminum, iron and methacrylate.

    Mobile XL 54 x 58 cm, made of aluminum, iron and methacrylate.

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  • testmonial

    I bought a mobile decor after months of still looking at networking. And I really loved it. It is gray and white and is ideal in minimalist spaces where white abounds. In addition, it is the typical decorative element that you do not look away from. The shipper arrived in less than a week and comes super well protected so it doesn’t move or break. I recommend it for anyone who loves decorating.

  • testmonial

    The very good craftsmanship of the mobile "Composition III Piet Mondrian" combined with applied physics, very good design and simplicity is really very successful. A great art object! It’s a lot of fun watching it. The type of packaging also shows appreciation of the property. Thanks! Everything was quick and easy from order to delivery.

  • testmonial

    elgir you entered my family with a super personalized job. In addition to speed and quality of packaging in shipping. Fantastic, I will repeat

  • testmonial

    I loved customizing my cell phone with photos of one of the best days of my life, thank you so much for making this unique piece so special.

  • testmonial

    Piet Mondrian's abstract art expressed in a delicate figure in balance. Really unique and daring !! A surprising and attractive gift. Quality packaging.

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