Inspired by Diego Velázquez

What to say about Velázquez?

He was and is one of our most important artists known and studied throughout the world.

His works are considered monuments and thousands of visitors move each year to the Prado Museum to see them in person. Velázquez was the trusted painter of the court of King Ferdinand IV and his works have written the history of universal painting.

A talent without limits..

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The Coronation of the Virgin


Piece inspired by the work "The Coronation of the Virgin" by Diego Velázquez.

It is not very common for Velázquez to carry out religious-themed works since portraits are his specialty. On this occasion, the Coronation of the Virgin was commissioned for the oratory of Queen Elizabeth of Bourbon's room. Thus, Mary is placed in the center, Christ on the left, God the Father on the right and the Holy Spirit between them, forming the Trinity. The novelty would come from the air of naturalness that Velázquez has breathed into the three sacred heads

Mobil of 29x29 cm, made of aluminum and iron.

You can hang it or put it on the base as a standing mobile.

Las Meninas


Piece inspired by the work "Las Meninas" by Diego Velázquez is the penultimate work of the painter.

He portrays the Infanta Margarita surrounded by her small court. Originally titled The Empress and Her Ladies and later The Family, it was listed in the 19th century under the name Las Meninas. The atmosphere that Diego de Velázquez manages to convey in his painting Las Meninas contrasts with the nature of the family. The royal family is considered unreachable, but Velázquez manages to make the viewer feel the intimacy of a family atmosphere.

29x29 cm mobile, made of aluminum and iron.

You can hang it or put it on the base as a standing mobile.