Privacy Policy


In any case, it is important to explain the following:

·      We collect your data so that your shopping experience at ElGir is better, and always with full transparency.

·      We are transparent and sincere about the data we collect about you and the reason why we do so.

·      We want to offer you a better experience with ElGir. When we will use your personal information to obtain more exhaustive information about you, we will do so in compliance with the regulations, and when necessary, we will ask for your permission.

·      We understand that your data belongs to you. Therefore, you can inform us at any time if you no longer authorize us to process them.

·      We guarantee your security and treat your data in accordance with European laws.

·      For more information on these issues, see the different sections of the privacy policy below:


What personal data do we collect?


The personal data that you usually provide us are:


• Your name, address and date of birth.

• Your billing address and your shipping address.

• Your phone number and email address.

• Your information regarding payments and returns. However, in the event that you manage a payment through our website, we will not keep this information in compliance with current regulations, so that your data will be sent directly through the payment gateway to the payment service provider.

• The IP address, which we collect when you buy online for security and fraud prevention purposes.

• Any other information you decide to share with us.


Depending on the use of new technologies for different initiatives, we may collect different data, which we will duly inform you of in each case.

Remember that the information you provide must be adequate and relevant. In the event that the data you provide us is false, incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, ElGir reserves the right to end the contracted services or any other contract that has been signed.


 Who is responsible for the treatment of your data?


ElGir is the entity responsible for collecting this information.


Postal address:


C / Costa Brava nº6 SCR

17430 Santa Coloma de Farners



Why and why do we process your data?


We use the data you provide us in different ways, in other circumstances when:

• You register on our website.

• You request that we send you information.

• You make a query about our products or make an order that requires you to identify yourself.

• You make an online purchase.

• You request to be informed of the availability of a product.

• You participate in service quality surveys or leave your opinion on ElGir products.

• You contact the Customer Service team and tell us where we can write to you or how we can contact you by phone or email.

• You return a product or file a claim.

• You participate in a contest, raffle or other promotional activity organized by ElGir.


As you can see, we can process your data for different purposes. You can choose what we can use your data for. However, we inform you that there are some purposes that are necessary to be able to provide the service you request or to complete your purchase, as well as to identify you:


Purposes related to contracting:

We need your data both to manage your orders for those items you have chosen in our store, as well as if you want to buy at ElGir. We save the information in case we need to verify that you have purchased or contracted with us at any given time. In these cases we only collect basic and contact information, which if you do not provide us will not allow us to locate you when the item you have ordered arrives.


Purposes that require your consent:

Develop commercial actions and create a commercial profile by automated means based on your personal preferences, by analyzing your purchasing habits and your purchasing history.

In the event that you do not authorize the processing of your data for commercial purposes, this will not affect your relationship with ElGir, although we will not be able to offer you in a personalized and adjusted way those products and services that best suit your needs.

We also need your consent to register your basic contact information if you decide to register on the ElGir website.

When you use our website and fill out the contact forms, we will collect information about the products you want to buy, your email address and other information. If you do not complete your order, we can contact you (using your provided information) to offer you our help to finish purchase on our website. It is an optional service and at any time you can reject the reception of this type of message by following the link to unsubscribe at the foot of any of the communications.


Purposes based on the legitimate interest of ElGir:

ElGir understands that as a customer you do not expect us to constantly interrupt your purchase process or to obtain your consent for every interaction with ElGir that involves the processing of personal data. We believe that we can offer you a personalized experience with the ElGir brand and for this we can:

Send you commercial information about ElGir products, services, promotions or events and recommend products or services similar to those you have purchased in the past. This will include sending congratulations on the indicated dates. These shipments will be made by any means of contact provided, and preferably by email or other equivalent electronic means.

Carry out a sociodemographic analysis of clients and adapt ElGir's commercial information to your characteristics, and to your general preferences and likes and interests and not personalized for exclusively internal purposes.

Analyze the data internally and prepare studies, reports and statistics to see how we can improve the services, products and the website itself for exclusively internal purposes.


ElGir also understands that its legitimate interest to communicate with its clients and users prevails over the client's right not to process the data without prior consent. However, you can always oppose the processing of data for these purposes at any time.


Other data processing based on legitimate interest are:

Prevent fraud on purchases

Record your voice to maintain the quality of the service and use the recordings for training purposes.

Serving you and providing you with Customer Service to resolve your doubts or questions, as well as resolve any incidents you may raise.

Send you quality surveys of the services provided.

Sending invitations to value ElGir products.

Collect your data when you fill out a complaint or congratulation sheet.

Communicate your data to companies of the ElGir Group for internal administration and billing purposes, for the correct management of our databases, as well as to provide us with various services that allow us to function on a day-to-day basis and offer our products and services.


Purposes based on compliance with legal obligations:

In order to comply with the legal obligations that correspond to ElGir we have to manage personal data of invoices and documents related to them, as well as to be able to respond to claims from both clients and those that come from Public Administrations. In some cases it is necessary to provide information to the Authorities or third companies for audit reasons. We also have to manage your data to resolve claims in the legally established time, as well as when we supply spare parts for the items.


When do you provide us with personal data?



The invoice of your purchases

It is very likely that you will end up buying a product or service in ElGir through the web. Once the payment is made, the transaction data will be recorded to finalize the order. For tax purposes, we are obliged to keep the details of the invoices, as well as the documents related to them, such as requests for duplicate invoices or VAT refunds for ten years.




At ElGir we send your purchases home.


We need your address to be able to send the items to your home, as well as your email address and telephone number so that we can keep you updated on scheduled appointments or to know if you are satisfied with our service. When necessary, we share this information with external service providers who handle these tasks on our behalf. For example, the transport service needs to know your name and address in order to take our products home. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding service in the conditions agreed with them by ElGir.


We keep the data about your purchases to be able to answer any question or manage any claim about the service.


Participation in a promotion or event

We organize promotions, events and mini events. For organizational reasons, it is important for us to know who participates. We may also use that data to send you information about the time and location of the event or send you a reminder just before the event takes place and, if you are the lucky winner of an award, contact you to let them know.


For some promotions or events, we need additional assistance, in which case we will share your data with external service providers. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding service. Therefore, they cannot use said information for their own purposes or transfer it to third parties.


Give us your opinion


In the store you will find positions enabled to leave your opinion about your experience at ElGir. We will be happy to hear from you. If you want, you can leave us your contact information, we will not use this information for anything other than answering your doubts or questions.





To buy online

If you make an online purchase, your transaction data will be recorded in order to process the payment. For tax purposes, we are required to retain the details of each purchase for ten years.


If you pay with a credit card, we can perform a fraud verification, so we will proceed to verify if the credit card is being used or can be used for fraudulent transactions. We do this, among other things, based on the country where the credit card was issued, your zip code and your country of origin. In this case we inform you that this decision is made automatically. The legal basis is the execution of a contract as it is a necessary management in the purchase process. If we discover that the credit card is being used, or could be used, for fraudulent transactions, we will inform you and you will not be able to complete your order online with that credit card, and you will have to pay by another method. In this case, we inform you that an automatic verification will be done.


In order to deliver the merchandise to you, we need your shipping address, email address and telephone number in order to keep you informed of the delivery. We also store data about your purchases in order to answer any questions regarding the warranty, as well as other questions or complaints about the product, as well as to demonstrate that you have purchased from ElGir. We stock a minimum of five years.


When necessary, we will share this information with external service providers. For example, the transport service needs to know your name and address in order to take our products home. These external service providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding service. Therefore, they cannot use said information for their own purposes or transfer it to third parties.


Profile on our website

If you want to buy online, you can create an ElGir profile on our website by entering your name, address, email address and phone number. We need this information to register your profile.


If you are logged in with your ElGir profile on our website, you can save your shopping cart.


If you do not actively use your ElGir profile or stop using that profile, we will remove it after five years.


Your opinion counts


We like to know what you think about our products. You can leave your opinion on our website under "write a review" when you log into your ElGir account on our website.


Contacting Customer Service

At ElGir, every day you have at your disposal a complete team of professionals ready to advise you, answer your questions, solve problems or help you purchase a product. Our Customer Service Center can contact you through several channels: by phone, through the chat on our website, email, social networks.

If you have any questions or complaints, we need you to provide us with certain information, such as your name, email address, telephone number and sometimes other information necessary to manage such question or complaint. We will also use this data to inform you of the progress in the management of your question or claim. Once it has been resolved, we will keep this information for another five years, so that we can provide you with a better service if you need to contact us about the same matter in the future.

If you want to use our chat, the purpose of the treatment is to be able to solve the doubts that may arise when making the purchase online, when preparing the shopping list, or check the status of your order, as well as contact ElGir if you are looking for answers, You want to solve a problem or you just want to tell us how we have treated you.

In many cases it will not be necessary for you to identify yourself, although in other cases in order to help you, we will request basic contact and identification information (name, surname, telephone, email, DNI only if necessary) as well as the information you provide us related to your query. We will also collect the IP that will allow us to know the country or city from which you contact ElGir without being able to know your real geographical location. ElGir will not ask you through the chat for your credit card, bank account number or other financial information. The IP that we collect will be kept for a maximum period of one month.

The legal basis for the treatment is the pre-contractual relationship established with ElGir, the execution of a contract, the fulfillment of legal obligations and the legitimate interest based on the query you make to us or the question you ask us. The data will not be transferred to third parties except legal obligation. We inform you that during the use you make of the service you must not provide any sensitive personal data (such as health data), or third parties.

You can contact us by phone 630808955 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, through the available contact form or by email to the Customer Service: or through our chat.


Social networks

ElGir uses social media to keep you abreast of the latest trends and products, to provide behind-the-scenes insight and to offer smart solutions. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.



ElGir has established conditions on the use of social networks, but in any case you must accept the conditions established by the corresponding social network platform.


Contact with ElGir through social networks

If you contact us through social media with a question, we will save that message and your account name in order to respond to you.


Advertising of ElGir on social networks

ElGir uses the advertising opportunities offered by social media platforms. We present you ads based on the data that the social media platform collects with your consent, for example, the fact that you follow us, that you are interested in the design or that you live in a certain region. ElGir has no influence on the nature of your data stored on social media platforms. This is specified in the conditions of the social media platform and can usually be regulated by configuring your profile on social media.


With which third parties will we share your data?

In some cases, we provide your data (only when necessary) to third parties. However, we will never sell your data to third parties. As indicated above, in some situations we work with external service providers. These providers can only use your data to provide the corresponding services. Therefore, they cannot use said information for their own purposes or transfer it to third parties. We may share the data that we collect through cookies with the parties that create such cookies. This is explained in more detail in our Cookie Policy. We may also be required by law to disclose your data to public bodies or other parties. If that is the case, we only disclose what is strictly necessary.

When necessary, the following categories of third parties may know your data:

¥ Postal workers.

¥ Email processors.

¥ Printers.

¥ Delivery companies.

¥ Transport, storage, assembly and installation companies.

¥ Payment providers.

¥ Other companies that provide services to ElGir and that need to access the data in order to provide the service


Where is your data stored?


We use various applications to obtain and store certain data. To guarantee your privacy, these applications are subject to strict regulations. The data is stored within the European Union. In some cases we have suppliers that have Binding Corporate Standards, or have adhered to the “Privacy Shield”.


Security and confidentiality of your data


At ElGir we try to guarantee the security of your personal data when it is sent outside the ElGir Group, and we ensure that these companies respect confidentiality and that they have the appropriate mechanisms to protect it. All such companies have an obligation to ensure that such information is processed in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding data privacy.


How long will we keep your data?


ElGir will keep your data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which we collect it, as well as to comply with any legal obligation arising from the treatment thereof in accordance with ElGir's data retention policies. When they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, they will be eliminated when possible and as long as it is not possible, they will be or blocked, remaining at the disposal of the Judges and Courts, or the competent Public Administrations, in particular the data protection authorities for attention to possible responsibilities derived from data processing.

Links to other websites

On our website, there are a number of links to our partners' websites. Clicking on a link opens a partner's website. Once you are on the website of one of our partners, your visit will be subject to its own privacy policy.


What should you do with "false messages"?


Prize offers are often circulated by email, social media, or text message that does not come from ElGir. They usually offer a gift coupon. These “phishing” promotions illegally use ElGir's name and logo to obtain personal data or to deceive you and get money:

We recommend that you always verify the sender of that email. You can recognize ElGir's official emails by the sender's email address @

ElGir does not use WhatsApp to send prize promotions.

If you are unsure whether an ElGir email or promotion (prize) is authentic, please contact us. On the website of the National Institute of Security you will find more information about what you can do to use the Internet safely.


Do you have questions or complaints?


If you have any questions about your data, the way in which we manage them or about this privacy policy, or you want to exercise your rights regarding data protection, you can contact ElGir through the email or by writing to:



C / Costa Brava nº6 SCR

17430 Santa Coloma de Farners



If you have a complaint about, for example, the way we use your data or how we respond to your privacy-related questions, you can file a complaint with the Spanish data protection authority.


If you want to know what data we store about you, do not hesitate to ask us. If any information is incorrect, we will change it. In addition, you can always modify any information in your ElGir account on our website at any time.



What are your rights on your data?


• The right of access to personal data

You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data that ElGir has about you and information about how we use it.


• The right of rectification

You can ask ElGir to update or correct the information that ElGir has about you.

• The right of withdrawal

You can ask us to cancel your data, although this may imply that it is not possible to provide you with a service.

• The right of opposition and the limitation of the treatment

You can oppose the processing of your personal data, or request that they not be used for certain purposes.

• The right to portability

As long as the necessary requirements are met, you can request their personal data in a commonly used electronic format, and that they be transmitted to another third party of your choice.

• The right not to be the subject of an automated decision (including profiling)

You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

• The right to revoke consent

If you have given us your consent for a specific data treatment, we inform you that you can withdraw it at any time.

• The right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency

If at any time you are unsatisfied or concerned about how we respond to your request, you can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


Can this privacy policy be modified?


Yes, this privacy policy can be updated. This privacy policy is from 01/16/2020. We recommend that you read this privacy policy regularly. In the event that significant changes are made, we will notify you separately.