What are decorative mobiles?

They are design objects that aim to give an original, sophisticated and, why not, relaxing touch to your spaces.

Do they move by themselves?

They do not move alone but thanks to the light breeze that enters through the window or from the movement itself inside the house.

What materials are they made of?

Made of aluminum, methacrylate and iron.

Is it difficult to mount them?

The hanging model comes already assembled and has a hook so that you can hang it from the ceiling.

The standing models (high-end and pyramid) have the plates already mounted, it will only be necessary to put the support on them.

Is the packaging safe?

The mobiles are vacuum packed and protected with a foam inside their shockproof box.

How do I choose the custom one?

You can customize any of the 3 types of ElGir mobiles. You need to make the purchase, and then you receive an email with the notice that we will contact you to find out how you want to customize it.

How long does it take to have a personalized mobile?

By making your personalized mobile we are creating a unique piece and this always lengthens the creation process, when you want a personalized mobile with your photos it has a preparation time of 7-10 working days.

How long does the shipment take to arrive?

 National shipments 1 to 3 days (Business).

International shipments 7-10 days (Business).